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21/6 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads QLD 4567

We offer a free consultation to discuss the various denture options available to you, with no referral needed and on the spot private health insurance rebate.

Bernd Behrens, Dental Prosthetist, has over 30 years experience in his field. He is a graduate of the Brisbane South Bank Institute of Technology with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics. He has also completed a Diploma of Dental Technology in Cologne, Germany and is a full member of the Australian Dental Prosthetics Association.

6 Great Reasons To Come And See Us

1. Because at, Noosa Denture Services, dentures are our business. Our experience and investment in the latest techniques, technology and training allows us to focus on providing the best possible care for you.
2. Because at, Noosa Denture Services, we take the time to listen. We understand that our patients’ needs are individual and work with them to ensure that they are happy and confident with the final product.
3. Because at, Noosa Denture Services,we can ensure the safety and quality of your dentures. We employ best practice principles and only use materials approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) in the creation of your dentures.
4. Because at, Noosa Denture Services, your Dental Prosthetist, “Bernd Behrens”, controls all aspects of denture design and construction.
5. Because at, Noosa Denture Services, we guarantee to, fully inform you of all treatment options available, use only the best teeth, materials and techniques in your chosen range.
6. Because you want dentures that feel comfortable, look great and last!